We work directly with farms and craft maltsters to source heritage and modern barley cultivars. We then get to work planning and brewing. We tend to lean towards the Helles or Pilsner Style in an effort to best represent the grain we are working with. Although an occasional dark lager is by no means out of the picture :) Hops are also always single origin. Although we lean towards the noble sort, we occasionally incorporate new cultivars in our 'Modern Pilsner' series.

To start, we would recommend the Belmont Lager. Brewed to the Helles Style and 4.8% ABV. Featuring New York grown winter barley. Step mashed and single decocted to coax out those delicious malty flavors.

New single origin lagers are released seasonally. Frequency depends a lot on sourcing and availability. Join our mailing list to be the first to find out.


We are suckers for a dank, resinous hazy IPA. So we make a bunch. We hand select the majority of our hops so we know exactly what we are are drinking. (Side note... It's a fun game hunting down the best hops every year. Takes a lot of traveling and what my business school professor called 'networking' with hop dealers. Our very first IPA ever was made with with spot market hops and lets say we learned quick that there are levels to it)

Once our hops are selected, we use them with a heavy hand. ABV most certainly should be in the service of hops. So you will never find an overly high alcohol beer from us unless the hop load absolutely demands it. 

To start, we would recommend The Green Stand. Vermont Style IPA and 5.5% ABV. Brewed to drink like a lager but packed with hoppy flavor.