Mount Holly Lager

Musings on Single Origin Lager Beer

Ingredient sourcing is the most important thing we do.

Most folks got to know us first as Mount Holly Beer. A creative pursuit where we focus obsessively on making the most aromatic & delicate hop forward beers possible. Our close relationships at the farm level have enabled us to be the first to brew with new ground breaking cultivars and select beautiful lots of our favorite ‘tried & true’ varieties.

Third wave lager...

Under ‘Mount Holly Lager’ we still obsess over hop selection, most often working with small scale European hop farms that grow varieties suitable for lager beer. That said, malt is absolutely the star of the show :) With each release we showcase a particular barley variety similar to how the specialty coffee industry selects a single origin coffee. We don’t brew to represent a historical style but rather brew the beer we think will be the best representation of the ingredient we are working with. Consider the way we do things as the chefs recommendation :)