Mount Holly Cider

*we have big plans for our cider fermentation's. We will launch with our first offering during summer 2024 and look forward to welcoming you at the Belmont General Store. Below is a bit about what we have in the works.

Cold fermented cider

Our cider is made with single orchard apples. Fermented and cellared cold a minimum of three months. They are a celebration of the local harvest and hopefully the purest expression of the fruit they were made with. We often blend with grapes and berries for a deeper flavor. Bottle conditioned and disgorged for the tightest bubbles you've ever seen!

Fruited lager beer

Oneo-Lager is a beer/wine hybrid style that we love. Each batch begins with a Helles Style lager base made with regional malts and hops. We then blend with local white or red must and co-ferment for a minimum of three months. These libations are best had fresh and we expect