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Mount Holly Beer

Medium Roast Coffee MHB + littleseed COMPLIMENT

Medium Roast Coffee MHB + littleseed COMPLIMENT

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Our work in beer has given us opportunities to build relationships with some really incredible people in the coffee industry; through them, we have discovered the crossover between the work we do and the level of care that goes into carefully sourcing, roasting, preparing and presenting coffee at a high level.

Early on, Littleseed Roasters in Middlebury, Vermont was our home away from home. When an opportunity to collaborate on a roast together presented itself we knew we were in for a treat.

This is our COMPLIMENT collaboration with Littleseed Roasters in Middlebury, VT. Notes of cooked fruit and cherry. Roasted fresh every week.

  • 50/50 blend of washed and pulped natural process
  • Best for batch brew & pourover. We love it on espresso.
  • 10oz
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